Research & Planning

 Before you start spending, take time to plan.Validate your idea, conduct  market research, estimate your startup costs, research your target market and competition. 
Validate your Idea
Conduct a survey


 Comply with the law, apply for necessary permits and licenses.
Set accounting software
Register website domain

Brand Development

Define your professional brand and stand out from the competition.  
Build a website
Setup business email


Design your graphics


Manage social media accounts
Artboard 11


   The world of marketing and media is moving faster than ever. Developing a marketing strategy is a priority.
Email marketing


 Be honest with yourself, you cannot do everything. Work efficiently, hire freelancers when necessary. 
Hire freelancers
Outsource small tasks

Publish Content

Connect with the audience to educate, to build trust, and brand credibility. Publishing fresh content also helps ranking higher on search engines. 
Start a blog for your brand
Professional publishing


 Design Ad campaigns for your product or services increasing sales, clientele and,  subscribers. 

Customer Support

Ensure that users can get the help and support they need. Customer service is a top priority.

Process Payments

It is easier for entrepreneurs to accept debit and credit card payments. Take advantage of it.   


Online Store

Choose from a variety of Ecommerce building platforms. 
Build a store front
Sell digital products


Use online printing services for marketing and shipping.
Your online printer
T-shirt printing


Choosing the right fulfillment company is essential to the success of your eCommerce business. 

Resources & Communities

Get Help

Search for informative content, connect with like minded individuals and ask questions.

App Builders 

Join a community of people actually building applications.
Indie Hackers
Product feedback
Build apps without coding


various people avatars final

Side Hustlers

Learn how to make extra income and save money.
Side hustle school
Side hustle club